Upgrading Old QuickBooks POS to New Version(19.0)

Unlock the full potential of your business by upgrading Old QuickBooks POS to New Version(19.0). Experience enhanced features, improved functionality, and increased efficiency for better financial management.

Now you can integrate e-commerce in QuickBooks Point of Sale 19.0 and grow your online sales.

In this post, we’ll discuss how you can upgrade your old QuickBooks POS to the new version.

List of things to do before upgrading Old QuickBooks Point of Sale to new QuickBooks POS 19.0

A. Create a Company Data File Backup

To create a QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Company file backup:

  • Open QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Go to File > Back up Data
  • Browse a location to create a backup
    Choose Default Location to back up the company data file on your local drive.
    Choose Specify Alternate Location to back up to a network or removable drive.
  • Then select Backup and Finish

B. Update QuickBooks Point of Sale to the Latest Release

To update the QB POS to the Latest Release:

  • Open QuickBooks POS
  • Go to Help > Software Updates
  • Select Check for Updates
  • If QuickBooks Point of Sale finds an update click to install
  • Once the software is up to date, click OK

Important: Intuit announces the discontinuation of QuickBooks Point of Sale permanently, and the existing QuickBooks POS 19.0 users can have additional licenses and support till Oct 3, 2023. They partnered with Shopify to transfer QuickBooks POS to Shopify POS.

But, You can still use QuickBooks Point of Sale manually on your computer though you won’t receive any security patch updates. Also, any connected online services will also be discontinued.

4 Simple Steps to Upgrade Old QuickBooks POS to New Version(19.0)

Step 1: Purchase QuickBooks Point of Sale(19.0)

In order to upgrade QuickBooks Point of Sale to a newer version, you need to purchase a license for it.

You can order it online or call their sales team directly.

Step 2: Uninstall the existing QuickBooks Point of Sale version

  • Close QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Press the Windows+R keys to open the Run Command
  • Type Control and click OK to open the control panel
  • Now select Programs > Programs and Features
  • From the program list, make a right click on QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Then choose Uninstall
  • Click Yes to confirm the Uninstall QuickBooks POS
  • If a User Account Control window is displayed on your computer, click on Yes to confirm
  • Now it may take a minute or two to uninstall QuickBooks POS

Note: You may also need a complete guide to uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks Point of Sale

Step 3: Download and Install QuickBooks Point of Sale(19.0)

  • Go here to download QuickBooks Point of Sale 19.0
  • Choose the Edition first and then click on the download link
  • Once QuickBooks POS installation is downloaded, click on it to install
  • If asks, Click Yes to allow User Account Control permissions
  • Click Next to start the install wizard
  • Accept the license agreement and click Next
  • Enter your QuickBooks POS License and Product number and select Next
  • Choose the type of installation:
    Only this computer: Only one user can access it
    Two or more computers: Mulitple users can access it
  • Click Next
  • Now click Install to begin the installation process
  • Now QuickBooks Point of Sale is successfully installed on your computer. Click Finish to launch it.

Step 4: Restore the Company File

After the complete QuickBooks Point of Sale installation, you can now restore the existing company data file.

To restore the data:

You may see the “Start Company” window open

  • Select Restore from backup
  • Click Next
  • Select Browse to alternate backup file
  • Click Browse
  • Now browse to the location where you created a company file backup. The default backup location is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 19.0\Data\[Company File Name]\Backup
  • Select the Backup file and click Open
  • Then click Next
  • Type “YES” to confirm with the restore
  • Then click OK

Now your company file is ready with the new QuickBooks Point of Sale version.

In case, you need any help upgrading the old QuickBooks POS to the new version, you can reach out to us.

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