QuickBooks POS: Application Update Required

QuickBooks POS Error: Application Update Required occurs when your server or workstations aren’t running with the same release.

You can face this error at the time of opening the QuickBooks Point of Sale company file.

This error may look like as shown below:
Error: Application Update Required, Intuit.RSG.QBPOSInterop.UpdateApplicationActionPage.

If you’ve QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale on workstation and server. Make sure to update the server before the workstation, it may prevent you from further errors.

Quick Note: The Process to fix this error code may be complex you can speak with our experts for a quick resolution or leave us your message

3 Simple Steps to Fix Application Update Required

Step 1: Ensure that the Latest QuickBooks Updates are Installed

Automatically update Product

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale
  • Select Software Update > Check for Updates
  • If updates are available, click on Update Now and then OK
  • When QuickBooks POS is updated, close it and restart your computer

Manually update Product

  • Go to the QuickBooks Downloads and Updates page
  • Then select Country, Product, Edition, and version at last
  • Click Search
  • Then click on Get the latest updates (Must be in blue color)
  • Once the update is downloaded, make double-click and follow the onscreen instructions to run it.

Note: You may also face Unable to open QuickBooks Point of Sale

Step 2: Close QuickBooks Desktop POS Process and Show hidden Files and Folders

A. Close QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Process

  • Press Ctrl+Sift+Esc to open the task manager
  • Under the Processes tab close qbpos.exe, QBPOSDBService.exe and QBPOSShell.exe

B. Show hidden Files and Folders

Windows 10 and 8

  • Make a right-click on a Start button and select Control Panel
  • Click on Appearances and Personalization > Fonts > Folder Options
  • Under the folder options window select the View tab, select Hidden files and folders and choose Show hidden files, folders, and drives.
  • Click Apply and then OK

Windows 7

  • Click on Start and then select Control Panel
  • Click Appearances and Personalization
  • Under folder options click Show hidden files and folders

Important: You must need to follow Step 2 in order to proceed further with Step 3

Step 3: Delete Contents of Entitlement Client Folder and WSActivity file

A. Delete Contents of Entitlement Client Folder

  • Browse to C:\ Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8.0
  • Now press Ctrl+A to select all the files at once
  • Then make a right-click and click Delete.

B. Delete WSActivity File

  • Browse to C:\ Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of SaleXX.
  • Open the INI folder, then delete the WSActivity file.

After following all the above steps you’ll no longer face this problem but in case it still exists you may need to contact our experts or leave us your message.

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