Remove Quicken Data File From File Menu (Windows)

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In this post, we’ll discuss “Remove Quicken Data File From File Menu.” Quicken for Windows users can easily remove their data if it’s no more in use.

Removing a Quicken file completely from the computer is an easy step but considering a backup is good for you because there is a possibility you may need that file in the future. You can keep a copy for your old file or file that is no more in use in your computer or somewhere securely (USB drive, online, etc.)

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Simple steps to remove Quicken data file from file menu

In order to remove the Quicken data file from the file menu, you need to delete the file completely from your computer. To do that

1. Open Quicken
2. Go to File > Show this file on my computer
3. Your Quicken file will open on your computer via File explorer
4. Minimize file explorer

IMPORTANT: You can’t delete a file if it’s open in Quicken software. You need to switch to another file. To do that

4. Come back to Quicken
5. Go to the File menu and switch to another file (see an image below)

Remove Quicken Data File From File Menu

6. Open the file explorer that you minimized
7. Make a right click on your data file and click Delete
8. Click OK to confirm

In order to restore the deleted Quicken data file, you to navigate where you copied or backed up that file. If you want to delete each and every information for that particular file delete the backup or copy of it.

After following the above steps you can easily delete Quicken data file from file menu but in case if you face any problems please contact our experts. Dial TollFree 1-877-353-8076

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