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How to update Quicken

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How to update Quicken?

Sometimes Quicken users don’t differentiate between the update & upgrade. Quicken update means installing the new release & patches for the current software and upgrade means take a step ahead with new software like from 2017 to 2018. Users may not be aware of how to update Quicken.

Example: John is using Quicken 2017 and installed the new release or patch. It means he improved the functionality of current version by installing them.

Below steps will help you to update Quicken for windows.

Quicken For Windows

1. Open Quicken
2. Go to Help > check for updates
3. If an update is available, a small window will pop out to install it.

How to update quicken
4. Click Yes to install the latest update.

5. Once new update will be completed you’ll be back to the same screen where you left.
6. You can install the latest update while updating your accounts. (If, an update available)
7. If there aren’t any new updates, a window will pop out and says you’re already up-to-date.

Information: You can also install the latest updates or patches manually for Quicken for Windows by visiting Updates are only available for the supported versions {Quicken 2015 or later}


Quicken For Mac

If you purchased Quicken from an app store, here are some changes available with Quicken for Mac 2015 and after versions. You’ll need to use Quicken utility to get latest updates.

Below steps will help you to update Quicken for Mac.

1. Download the Quicken utility from
2. Open the downloaded file and move towards to the application folder
3. Double click on Application folder
4. A new window will open to confirm from you to download the Quicken Utility because you downloaded from the internet

how to update quicken
5. Quicken Utility screen will open which will found the current version of Quicken into your computer with an option of Check for updates
6. Software update window will show you the latest version of Quicken that is available
7. Click Install Update
8. Once new update installed. Click Install & Relaunch button
9. It may show a screen where it’ll asking for Mac username & password. It is required to put the Mac computer credentials & then click OK
10. A new update is ready to go. Everything will be there after installing the new update from the app store.

Information: You can’t install latest updates for Quicken for Mac manually. 

If you face any kind of problem with Quicken. Contact Quicken Technical Support.

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