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Quicken Error OL-393-A For Windows/Mac

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As Quicken is serving from the last 30 years and still remain #1 personal accounting software, users may interface with software glitches like unable to update their online accounts, unable to print etc. So, in the same way, we’ll discuss Quicken Error OL-393-A.

When updating online accounts you may also face the following errors:

Note: You may also face QuickBooks Error OL-393

Why, When and How Quicken Error OL-393-A Occurs?

Reasons for Quicken error code OL-393-A 

  • Quicken isn’t running with the latest release/Update
  • Quicken having incorrect account information 
  • Verify Quicken online services
  • Verify Quicken data files etc.

5 Simple Steps to resolve Quicken Error Code OL-393

A. Verify Quicken if it’s running with the latest release

  • Open Quicken
  • Go to Help > Check for updates
  • If the update is an available click Yes to install it or if already updated move further with the steps

quicken error ol-393-a

B. Refresh online account information

  • Open the account from the left-hand side account tab that causes this error
  • Go to the top right gear icon and click on Update now (Ctrl+Alt+U)
  • Type your account password and click Update Now
  • If it has been updated successfully do the same with other accounts that have this issue.

Quicken Error OL-393-A

C. Verify Account information and check for hidden accounts

  • Go to Tools > Account List (Ctrl+A)
  • Click on Edit for the account that has this error
  • On General Tab double check your bank information like account number, routing number etc.

Check for Hidden Account

  • Go to Tools > Account List (Ctrl+A)
  • Check show hidden account at the bottom of account list if any account is hidden and click Edit > Display Options and uncheck Hide this account in Options
  • Verify the information from the account if everything is correct you can hide this account again.

Notice: Now Quicken is providing 5GB Free Online Storage with Dropbox

D. Deactivate Account and validate Quicken File

  • Go to Tools > Account List (Ctrl+A)
  • Click on Edit for the account that has Quicken Error OL-393-A
  • Select Online Services tab and click Deactivate
  • Click Yes to confirm
  • Then click OK and Done

Quicken Error OL-393-A

For Validating Quicken File

  • Go to File > File Operations > Validate and Repair…
  • Check on Validate File and click OK
  • The validation process will begin (it may take some time depending on your file size)
  • You’ll get a report for data files via DATA_LOG

Information: If you found any error under DATA_LOG immediately contact Quicken Support

E. Reactivate your bank account

  • Go to Tools > Account List (Ctrl+A)
  • Click Edit for the account that has the problem
  • Select the Online Services tab and click Set up Now…
  • Now type your bank Username and Password
  • Check on Save this password (It may ask you for your Vault password or Quicken ID)

Quick Note: After sepration of Quicken from Intuit Inc. it’s necessary to create Quicken ID to every user.

Quicken Error OL-393-A

  • Click Connect
  • In the process of reactivating your bank account, Quicken will pull up your bank information no need to add click on LINK (see the picture below)

Quicken Error OL-393-A

  • Click Next and Finish

After following all the above steps Quicken Error OL-393-A will be removed if it still persists into your account contact Quicken Technical Support or leaves your questions/queries below into the comment section we’ll respond asap.


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