You are currently viewing Quicken Error OL-1-B in Quicken For Windows 2016 and 2017

Quicken Error OL-1-B in Quicken For Windows 2016 and 2017

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Quicken is one of the best personal accounting software which helps the users to manage their financial information under one roof. Sometime users may interface with software glitches like Quicken Error OL-1-B when using online services. 

This error occurs when users trying to download the transactions from the bank (One Step Update). There is no need to contact your financial information for the same, you can fix this issue by reading this post.

You may also face another one step update error codes

Why does Quicken Error OL-1-B occur?

  • Quicken isn’t up to date.
  • Need to install latest mondo patch etc.

How to fix Quicken Error OL-1-B?

STEP ONE: Make sure Quicken is running with the latest release

  • Open Quicken
  • Go to Help > Check for Updates
  • If the update is an available click Yes to install it or if Quicken is already up to date, proceed with STEP TWO

Quicken Error OL-1-B

STEP TWO: Deactivate the Account

  • Go to Tools > Account List (Ctrl+A)

Quicken Error OL-1-B

  • Click on Edit for the account that has this error code
  • Select Online Services tab
  • Now click Deactivate 

Quicken Error OL-1-B

  • Click Yes to confirm deactivation
  • Click OK and Done
  • Do the same for other accounts which causes the same problem

Informtion: We’ll follow some additional steps to ensure everything is fine with Quicken files to do that

  • Go to File > File Operations > Validate and Repair…
  • Make the check on Validate File and Click OK
  • Quicken starts the validation process (It may take some time depending on your file size)
  • Once Validation process completed you’ll get the logs via DATA_LOG notepad

    Note: If you found any kind of errors in DATA_LOG, immediatley contact Quicken Support.

  • If everything is fine into the DATA_LOG please move further to reactivate the account in STEP THREE.

STEP THREE: Reactivate the account 

  • Go to Tools > Account List (Ctrl+A)
  • Click on Edit for the same account that has been deactivated before
  • Select Online Services
  • Click Set up Now…

Quicken Error OL-1-B

  • Put your financial institution credential (User ID/ Password)
  • Make a check on Save this password (It may ask you to put your Vault Password or Quicken ID & Password)

    Note: After sepration of Quicken from Intuit, it is neccessary to create Quicken ID to every user.

  • Now click Connect
  • In the process of reactivation of the account, you need to LINK  your existing account instead of adding it again. See the picture below 

Quicken Error OL-1-B

  • Now click Next and then Finish
  • Now try to update the account once again if it’ll be updated that’s great or if the issue still persists follow STEP FOUR

STEP FOUR: Install mondo patch

After following the above steps, if Quicken Error OL-1-B still exists into the software users needs to install the mondo patch manually via for their respective Quicken version.

Information: You may also face any of these Quicken Error OL-220, OL-221, OL-222, OL-223, OL-224, OL-225, OL-226

Once you followed all the above steps and Quicken Error code OL-1-B still encounter while updating the financial institution. Contact Quicken Technical Support our agents will help you out with a permanent solution.


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