Complete Guide For Quicken (Only For Windows)

In this post, we’ll go through with the complete guide for Quicken (Windows). Where we discuss each and every basic steps for Quicken like adding an account, create a budget, change Quicken preferences and many more.

If you’re getting started with Quicken software, this complete guide for Quicken will help you to know about the functionality of it.

Important: We used Quicken 2017 for the complete tutorial but also include basic needs of Quicken 2018 and after versions like creating Quicken ID etc. In case if you would like to know about your Quicken version features, you can contact our support team anytime. TollFree 1-877-353-8076

This complete guide for Quicken will include

1.Purchase and Download Quicken
2. Activate Quicken Membership
3. Add your first bank account
4. Setup your Quicken preferences
5. Update your accounts
6. Categories your transactions
7. Setup bill and income reminders
8. Create a budget
9. Use Quicken app on the phone or web

Complete Guide for Quicken (Only For Windows)

1. Purchase and Download Quicken

You need to purchase Quicken from in order to track your financial information. After the release of Quicken 2018, the software is available in 1 and 2 years of membership, you can choose any edition (Starter, Deluxe, Premier and Home & Business) with any membership according to your needs.

Once you’re ready click on the buy now then next screen prompts you to Sign In or Create Quicken ID. If you have one enter the username/password or if not you can create a new one (See an image below). Then follow on-screen instructions in order to complete your purchase.

Complete Guide For Quicken

Once you completed your purchase Quicken will show you an option to download Quicken or go to and login to your Quicken account. Once you login to your Quicken account moves your cursor down towards to download Quicken(see below image).

Complete Guide For Quicken For Windows
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2. Activate Quicken Membership

If Quicken is purchased directly from

Once you downloaded & installed Quicken and next screen prompt you for Quicken ID/password that you can enter and follow on-screen instructions to run Quicken for Windows.

If Quicken is purchased from retailers (Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, etc)

If the user purchased Quicken from one of the Quicken retailers. You need to visit and then install Quicken and login to your software. Follow on-screen instruction and then enter 16 digit activation code whenever it asks to activate your product.

You can read all about Quicken membership here.

3. Add a Bank Account in Quicken

As you installed Quicken now you’re ready to go for adding your bank account into it. When you added your bank account Quicken is able to download bank transactions, give spending reports, etc.

To add a bank account
1. Go to Tools > Add Account
2. Choose a type of account (Checking, Saving, Credit Card, etc.)
3. Then follow on-screen instructions.

You can read here to know about adding a bank account.

Guide for Quicken For Windows

4. Setup Quicken Preferences

With the help of Quicken preferences, you can manage your Quicken according to your choice. For Eg: Create the best backup strategies, link your Quicken data with cloud and many more.

To setup your Quicken preferences go to Edit > Preferences…

Proper Guide For Quicken In Windows 7,8 and 10

5. Update your Accounts

As you’ve set up your accounts in Quicken to download bank transactions. Now you need to update your account to keep it updated.

Quick Note: If you saved a password while adding a bank account you just need to enter a vault password in order to update your accounts.

Click on one step update icon OR Go to Tools > One Step Update… and Quicken will download the transactions in Quicken and update their balances.

Quicken For Windows Complete Guide

6. Categories your Transactions

Categories your transactions in Quicken is very easy. It does categories your transactions automatically and assigns the correct categories for you.

For Example, You used your credit card at Staples, Quicken knows that it’s a grocery store so it will assign a category Food & Dining: Groceries for the transactions.

In case you don’t want that transaction to be into the category that Quicken chose, you can edit and assign the right category that you want.

You can also add a category to your choice
1. Go to Tools > Category List
2. Click on Add Category (Top right-hand side corner)

Quicken In Windows Complete Guide

7. Setup Bill & Income Reminders

Apart from spending Quicken also helps you to track your bills and income reminder accurately. It also helps you to remind your bills on time so there would be no late fees or charges that you incurred.

To set up your bills and income reminder
1. Go to Bills Tab
2. Click on Get Started
3. On the next screen choose your biller and enter the credentials
4. Then click Continue

Complete Guide in Quicken For Windows 2017, 2018 or 2019

8. Create a Budget

You can create a budget in Quicken after setting up your bills and income so you know where you attain and with the help of Quicken budget you can plan your long term financial goals. It also helps you to see if you’re under or above your goals.

To set up your budget
1. Go to Planning tab
2. Click on Get Started
3. Give a name to your Budget
4. Click OK

You can customize your budget by categories.

Getting Started With Quicken For Windows

9. Use Quicken app on the phone or web

Quicken has a mobile app which is available on Android, iPad, and iPhone that make your financial life more friendly because you can keep an eye over your financial stuff anywhere anytime. It can notify about your account balances, fees and many more.

You can set up Quicken mobile app as following on the desktop.
1. Go to Mobile & Alerts tab
2. Click on Get Started
3. On the next screen, Quicken will ask you to select those accounts that you want to sync with mobile devices.

It will take some time to sync your accounts in Quicken. Once all your accounts are synced, you can on Quicken mobile overview screen.

Getting Started With Quicken For Windows 2017 ,2018 or 2019

Once you set up your account in Quicken (Desktop) click on the Sync Now button and all the information will ready to see on Quicken mobile app and Quicken web.

To setup Quicken on Web

1.Go to
2.Log in with your Quicken ID & password that you used in desktop
3. You can download your bank information on the web apart from investment accounts. You can update your investment accounts in Quicken (Desktop) and sync it with the web.

If you’re using more than one file with the same Quicken ID, it will show you the list of your data file in the very beginning with Quicken on Web. You can choose the one that you want on the web and you can also switch to another one also.

To setup on Mobile applications

1.Download Quicken from App Store or Play Store
2.Install the app on your device
3.Log in with your Quicken ID & password that you used to sync your information on desktop
4. The data file information will show you on the mobile app.

If you’re using more than one file with the same Quicken ID, it will show you the list of your data file in the very beginning with Quicken on Web. You can choose the one that you want on the web and you can also switch to another one also.

This complete guide for Quicken (Only For Windows) includes all the functions that users need to know. If you have any suggestions about any other functions please let us know in the comment section.

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