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Quicken Error 101 or 103 (Quicken For Mac)

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Quicken Error 101 or 103 occur when downloading the transactions from the bank using one step update service. One of these errors found in Quicken for Mac because of the stored outdated credentials.

Important: One of these errors occur in Quicken for Mac and process to fix them may be complex we suggest you, to speak with one of the experts for the permanent fix. Toll-Free 1-877-353-8076

Are you also facing Quicken Error Code 101 or 103? No Problem!! We have the solution steps to fix these errors.

Before we go ahead for the solution steps let’s have a look on its causes.

List of causes Quicken Error 101 or 103

  • Outdated stored password in Quicken
  • Outdated password in keychain access etc.

Quick Note: You may face the following errors when updating the accounts.

Simple steps to fix Quicken Error 101 or 103

STEP ONE: Deactivate the accounts the have these error codes

  • Open Quicken
  • Go to Accounts > Hide and Show Accounts
  • Uncheck the account that is hidden for the specific financial institution
  • Now come to the account register that is affected by Quicken error code 101 or 103 and click on the Settings at the bottom
  • Click on Troubleshooting, under the At your financial institution
  • Click on Deactivate Downloads, then click Save
  • Do the same for other accounts that are affected by these error codes
  • Close Quicken

STEP TWO: Delete Quicken password from the keychain access

  • Open Finder and click on Go > Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access app
  • From the left-hand side in the keychain access app and set  keychain to log in and category to passwords
  • Look for Quicken, Quicken cloud or the financial institution that has the problem and delete all the entries
  • Quit Keychain access.

STEP THREE: Update the bank list and reactivate the bank account

  • Open Quicken
  • Go to Accounts > New > Choose the similar type of the account that has the problem in Quicken (Savings, Checking etc.)
  • Click on question mark icon “my bank is not listed” at the bottom of the bank list and then click Update List
  • When the list is updated it will show you the current date click the Show List button
  • Now you’ll see the list of the financial institution choose or type the appropriate financial institution
  • Type your login credentials and click Continue
  • When Quicken is detecting your account it’ll show you the bank details make sure to LINK your bank account instead of adding it. 

After following all the above steps you”ll no longer face Quicken Error 101 or 103 but in case if it still occurs contact Quicken Support or dial 1-877-353-8076 to speak with the expert.

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