Quicken CP Script Error 160 (Mac)

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Quicken CP SCRIPT ERROR 160 occurs when you update your accounts in Quicken for Mac using Quicken Connect connection method. It’s a connectivity error between your financial institution and Quicken software.

This error will exactly look like this in Quicken CP_SCRIPT_ERROR:160

Quicken Connect is also known as Express Web Connect (In Windows). You can fix this issue by simply switching the connection type. If you’re using Quicken Connect as a connection type, you should try switching to Direct Connect.

As a default Quicken for Mac choose Quicken Connect as a connection type but if your bank also does support Direct Connect, it’s good to connect with it.

Note: If you want our experts to fix this issue for you, please contact us today by dialing 1-877-353-8076

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Simple Steps to fix Quicken CP SCRIPT ERROR 160

STEP ONE: Deactivate the Account

1. Open Quicken
2. Click on the Account name
3. Click on the Settings at the bottom right side corner
4. On the next screen click on Troubleshooting
5. Click on Deactivate Downloads
6. Now click on Save

Important: If your bank does support both connection method Quicken Connect and Direct Connect please choose Direct Connect in the process to reactivate the account or if they only support Quicken Connect as a connection type please reactivate the account using the same connection method.

STEP TWO: Reactivate the Account

1. Click on the Deactivated account
2. Click on the Settings at the bottom right side corner
3. Click on the Setup Transaction Download
4. Now type the name of your financial institution
5. In this step, you may ask for choosing a connection type (Quicken Connect or Direct Connect) as suggested if Direct Connect is available please connect your account using it.
6. Then enter your bank Username and Password
7. In the process to reactivate the account Quicken will show you your account information make sure to LINK your account instead of adding it again (See an image below)

Quicken CP Script Error 160
Image courtesy to Quicken

After following all the above steps you’ll no longer face Quicken CP Script Error 160 anymore but in case if it still exists. You can speak with our experts (Independent). TollFree 1-877-353-8076

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  1. Carol Davis

    Thanks…I needed to go to Direct Connect…and your instructions made it possible. I had tried solving the problem on my own for a few weeks…but finally gave up and went for your help! I should have looked for your help sooner!

    1. Author


      You’re Welcome. It’s good to know that the above steps worked for you. In case if you need any assistance for your software speak with our experts (Independent) anytime. TollFree 1-877-353-8076.

  2. jsek

    I did this and it worked and now I can get downloaded transactions from this bank. However, I get a message that the account can no longer sync with Quicken cloud. Will this be a problem for me?

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