QuickBooks Shortcuts for Windows

You can use QuickBooks Shortcuts for Windows to make use of the software effectively and efficiently, with the help of these keyboard shortcuts you can perform the task and change the windows in a blink of an eye.

All the below keyboard shortcuts work with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise editions. With the help of the below shortcuts, you can create invoices, write checks, open the Chart of Accounts, and much more without using the mouse.

List of QuickBooks Shortcuts for Windows (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise)

A. To start a new task

ActionKeyboard Shortcut
1. To open the Customer CenterCtrl+J
2. To open the account RegisterCtrl+R
3. To open the Chart of AccountsCtrl+A
4. To open the Create an InvoiceCtrl+I
5. To write a CheckCtrl+W
6. To open the register for the same transfer accountSelect the transaction under the account register and press Ctrl+G

B. Select the Menu tabs

ActionKeyboard Shortcut
1. Open the File menuAlt+F
2. Open the Edit menuAlt+E
3. Open the View menuAlt+V
4. Open the Lists menuAlt+L
5. Open the Company menuAlt+C
6. Open the Customers menuAlt+U
7. Open the Vendors menuAlt+O
8. Open the Employee menuAlt+Y
9. Open the Banking menuAlt+B
10. Open the Reports menuAlt+R
11. Open the Window menuAlt+W
12. Open the Help menuAlt+H

C. Navigation for QuickBooks Desktop

ActionKeyboard Shortcuts
1. Close QuickBooks DesktopAlt+f4
2. Open QuickBooks Help WindowsF1
3. Close the Current WindowEsc
4. Open the Product Information windowF2 or Ctrl+1
5. Open the Find Transaction WindowCtrl+F
6. Open the Technical Help WindowF2 and then F3
7. Open the Search WindowF3 or Ctrl+2

D. Data Field on Forms

ActionKeyboard Shortcuts
1. Increase or Decrease the amount in forms+ or
2. Go to the next data field in formsTab
3. Go to the previous data fieldShift+Tab
4. CopyCtrl+C
5. PasteCtrl+V
6. UndoCtrl+Z
7. CutCtrl+X

E. Date Fields on Forms

Action Keyboard Shortcuts
1. Open the calendar to select a dateAlt+↓
2. Advance day+
3. Previous day
4. For TodayT
5. Go to the first day of a weekW
6. Go to the last day of a week K
7. Go on the same day of next week]
8. Go on the same day last week[
9. Go to the first day of the monthM
10. Go to the last day of the monthH
11. Go to the first day of the yearY

F. Forms and Transactions (invoices, estimates, etc.)

ActionKeyboard Shortcuts
1. Add a new transactionCtrl+ins
2. To save a transactionEnter
3. Delete a selected transaction lineCtrl+D
4. Go to the next transaction line
5. Go to the previous transaction line
6. Copy a transaction lineCtrl+Alt+Y(only works with 2018 & after versions)
7. Paste a transaction lineCtrl+Alt+V (only works with 2018 & after versions)
8. Print forms/listCtrl+P
9. Memorize current form and transactionsCtrl+M
10. Open Memorize transaction listCtrl+T
11. Open transaction history for the current formCtrl+H
12. Open transaction journal for the current formCtrl+Y
13. Save the current formAlt+S

G. Lists (Customer Center, Account Register, Item List, etc)

ActionKeyboard Shortcuts
1. Go to the first item on the list/registerCtrl+Page Up
2. Go to the last item on the list/registerCtrl+Page Down
3. Create a new item on a listCtrl+N
4. Edit an item on a listCtrl+E
5. Delete an item on a listCtrl+D
6. Run a Quick Report for an itemCtrl+F6
7. Refresh ListF5

The above QuickBooks Shortcuts for Windows helps you to work effectively.

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