QuickBooks Refresher Tool (Complete Guide)

QuickBooks is used by millions of small business owners and accountants worldwide. Though it is robust accounting software, sometimes, it can also cause troubles. If you have been facing QuickBooks errors or are not able to open QuickBooks, then you should think of using the QuickBooks Refresher Tool.

Update: This tool is no longer available to download. You can use the Quick Fix My Program as an alternative within QuickBooks Tool Hub.

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What is QuickBooks Refresher Tool?

It is an integrated diagnostic and repair tool developed by Intuit to help you resolve common QuickBooks errors. If you use QuickBooks Desktop on a Windows computer, then you should keep the tool handy, always.

Sometimes, QuickBooks may experience troubles while running due to several technical reasons. You might be facing a problem while using common functions or the processes might be taking a long time.  Consequently, your work might suffer because you aren’t able to access QuickBooks properly. With the QuickBooks Refresher tool, you will be able to resolve all such issues in minutes.

QuickBooks Refresh Tool

What all Problems Can You Solve with QuickBooks Refresher Tool?

It is an all in one solution if you are not able to use QuickBooks as intended. Just like the name suggests, the refresher tool refreshes the device, files, and processes, so that you can use QuickBooks again. With the help of QuickBooks Refresher Tool, you can solve the following issues:

  • QuickBooks not responding or system hanging while using QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks closing and restarting again and again within minutes of opening a file
  • When you experience slow performance or lags while using QuickBooks
  • Common 6xxx errors that are keeping you from harnessing QuickBooks full potential
  • General installation errors related to QuickBooks

It can be said that it can serve as a savior when a lot depends on the QB Desktop. So, if you rely on QuickBooks for business operations, you should also start relying on QuickBooks Refresher Tool. This will help you stay worry-free in case QuickBooks Desktop starts giving you trouble on your computer.

How QuickBooks Refresher Tool Works?

This tool is designed to kill unnecessary background processes that might be running on your system. Sometimes, during routine operations, QuickBooks begin to launch several background processes that might interfere with normal functioning.

The Refresher Tool analyzes all the running processes and ends the ones that might be impacting the performance. The tool works just like you refresh your Windows. Just think of the tool as a dedicated refresher designed dedicatedly for QuickBooks.

It repairs common errors and minor functional problems in QuickBooks without deleting, affecting or damaging your company files in any way.

Though there are dedicated tools for solving several QuickBooks-related errors, this tool should be your first choice if you don’t know which one should use you.

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Downloading and Using QuickBooks Refresher Tool

Update: This tool is no longer available to download. You can use the Quick Fix My Program as an alternative within QuickBooks Tool Hub.

If you are also facing the above-mentioned issues with QuickBooks, then you should use the tool for instant resolution. Using the tool is really simple and you can resolve your problems in minutes using the QB refresher Tool.

Most of the process is automatic, which means you don’t have to do anything. No fiddling with QuickBooks files or any special wizards. All you must do is just install the QuickBooks Refresher Tool and let it do the heavy lifting. So, here is how you can download and use this tool:

Step 1: Close QuickBooks Desktop

Before you begin with Refresher Tool, you should close your QuickBooks Desktop version. This is important as this tool cannot function effectively with running QuickBooks.

Step 2: Download

Download the QuickBooks Refresher Tool from Intuit and save the installation package on your desktop.

Step 3: Run

You don’t need to install it. It comes as a self-running package. Go to your downloads folder (or wherever you have downloaded the file) and click on ‘qbrefresherv1.exe’.

Step 4: Click the ‘Fix my QuickBooks’ Button

When you will open the Refresher Tool, you will see it don’t have any confusing wizard or numerous tabs. Just click on ‘Fix My QuickBooks!’ button and sit back while the tool identifies and repairs QuickBooks problems.

Step 5: Open it

After the repair completes, go to your QuickBooks and open the same. You will see that QuickBooks will start working once again without any troubles.

Wrapping Up

If you have also faced any QuickBooks issue in the past or are always irritated because of slow QuickBooks performance, then you should use the tool once. As you have read, it is a really simple tool to work with. You are just required to download and run the same to resolve all your issues. Who would have thought to solve common problems can be so simple.

If you are still facing any trouble, even after using the QB desktop refresher tool, you should get in touch with a professional QuickBooks expert who might help you in a better way. Call Us 1-877-353-8076 or leave us your message

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