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Quicken VS QuickBooks (Windows and Mac)

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Quicken is mostly used for personal financial purposes like printing checks, reconciliation, and downloading transactions from financial institutions whereas QuickBook’s purpose is to simplify small business accounting and bookkeeping. Quicken VS QuickBooks is alike wrestling between two competitive people in the ring that no one can defeat.

Sometimes users may get confused about how to differentiate Quicken and QuickBooks effectively and efficiently ( Not costly and with all the latest financial functionalities)

Quick Note: You can transfer Quicken files into QuickBooks in easy steps for your clients and then convert them into QuickBooks Online.

Quicken VS QuickBooks: Which one do I choose?

Quicken VS QuickBooks

Quicken ( Personal Financial Tool)

It is designed for individuals and small families. Quicken helps you to track your income and expenses, investments, property and debts, transactions, loans, budgeting, and so on for daily financial needs. Quicken Home & Business (the highest version) has the ability to track your small business with your personal financial information.

After the release of Quicken 2018 Quicken For Mac launched with a different version like Quicken For Windows. Quicken For Windows versions are Stater, Deluxe, Premier, and Home & Business whereas Quicken For Mac now has 3 versions Starter, Deluxe, and Premier. Each version has its own functionality with its respective operating systems.

Quicken allows you to download the transactions from the bank, credit card, and property & debts account into their respective registrants. You can also plan your budget in Quicken with the help of a budget tool you can track whether you’re under budget or not.

Quicken Home and Business (only available with Windows) is a much-limited version for a small business For Eg. You can create the invoice including your payment link but will not notify the vendor or you if payment got delayed.

Quicken is available on the desktop with free online backup to 5GB from Dropbox. If you want an online version, look for owned by Intuit Inc.

Important Links: After the separation of Quicken from Intuit Inc. some changes have been made by HIG Capital( which owns Quicken) that are given below

Quicken VS QuickBooks

QuickBooks (Smart Tool for Small Business)

QuickBooks is a full bag pack with great business financial needs like inventory, payroll, tax filing, accounts receivable and payable, payment processing, reconciliation, vendor and customer listing, POS, and much more. It also helps you to integrate with third-party apps eg: T sheet, Fathom, and so on with great functionalities.

Every year QuickBooks comes with insane functionalities at an effective cost. QuickBooks is available in Desktop and Online Editon with their different versions.

QuickBooks Desktop

It includes QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, and QuickBooks POS. Each version has its own specialty like QuickBooks Enterprise can do all the things alone that QuickBooks Pro and Premier do together. QuickBooks Desktop also comes with additional users that help the business to assign company file access to anybody.

QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise are the version for Windows users. You can add the users according to the software (see the table below)

UsersQuickBooks ProQuickBooks Premier QuickBooks Enterprise

You can add additional users by contacting QuickBooks Support. 

QuickBooks Online

It’s mostly used by freelancers, self-employed, etc., and is available in 3 versions Easystart, Essentials, and Plus. In QuickBooks online, all of your company files maintain on cloud servers. In QuickBooks Online you can also keep track of your employees, vendors, and customers, manage bills, and inventory, receive and send payments, and so on according to their specified duty.

QuickBooks Online is browser-based you can use it on Google, etc even you can download QuickBooks online app to your computer to access it without any browser.

QuickBooks For Mac 

It is also a desktop edition and the latest version is QuickBooks for Mac 2019. You can use QuickBooks Online on Mac via browser or by downloading the QuickBooks Online app.

QuickBooks for Mac played a wide role among users via sending bills, tracking inventory, receiving or paying bills, paying employees, etc. Users can switch from QuickBooks for Mac to Online Edition or QuickBooks For Windows.

Information: If you need any help to transfer QuickBooks. Dive Here

Intuit also provides QuickBooks online backup service that helps user secure their financial business data. (Cost may vary)

Quicken VS QuickBooks – Comparison Chart

FunctionsQuickenQuickBooks DesktopQuickBooks Online
PricesFrom $39.99 to $99.99From $149.95 to $4000From $10/mo to $60
BackupOnline Backup up to 5 GB with Dropbox.There may be a charge for online backup.All of your backup will be maintain by Intuit
FlexibilityYou can install Quicken up to 3 computersQuickBooks Desktop is flexible to run on many computer, it depends on the users.You can use it anywhere even in your phone as well.
CompatibleCompatible with Windows and MacCompatible with Windows and MacCompatible with Windows, Mac and Android etc.

Notice: Above chart is for reference purposes only, we don’t have any relation with any of these companies. You can check the prices and features by visiting official brand websites.

Quicken VS QuickBooks Conclusion (Quicken VS QuickBooks)

If you just want to track your personal or family one’s finances, you can prefer to go with Quicken which has all the features for personal accounting under one roof.

If you are running a business with 3-5 employees go with QuickBooks which helps you to fulfill all of your needs at the end of a month or a year.

For retail businesses, it’s preferable to go with QuickBooks POS which helps you to manage your everyday sales and keep records of them.

For a Self-employed, freelancer, etc. choose any option for QuickBooks online it helps you to track your financial information anywhere, anytime with QuickBooks online app.

Quicken VS QuickBooks isn’t easy to explain, you can choose your product by calling the sales team and they’ll explain to you the features and functionality for each.



1. Is Quicken and QuickBooks the same thing?

No, Quicken and QuickBooks are different software with a complete set of amazing features and operations. Quicken focused on fulfilling personal financial needs whereas QuickBooks targets to fulfill entire business needs.

2. Who owns Quicken and QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a product of an accounting software company name Intuit Inc on another hand Quicken is occupied in 2016 by private equity firm H.I.G Capital. Before March 2016, Quicken was also a product of Intuit Inc.

3. Is Quicken and QuickBooks online?

Yes, Quicken is a personal financial software that can work with desktops and on the cloud whereas QuickBooks is available with Desktops and Online versions.

4. Which web browser works best for QuickBooks Online?

You can use these browsers for QuickBooks Online (QBO)
1. Google Chrome
2. Internet Edge
3. Mozilla Firefox
Make sure your web browser should be up to date while using QuickBooks Online.

5. Can we add users to QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

Yes, you can add your employee or an accountant as an additional user in QBO.

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