Quicken Error 1304: While Installing Quicken for Windows

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Quicken Error 1304 occurs when you’re trying to install Quicken via CD in computer. You may see the message
Error 1304. Error writing to file:
{File Location}. Verify that you have access to that directory.

Causes of Quicken Error 1304

1. Problem with your computer CD-ROM
2. Problem with your Quicken installation CD

We suggest you to uninstall previous Quicken and then install the latest version of Quicken

Note: If you want our experts to fix this problem for you, please contact Quicken Help desk. TollFree 1-877-353-8076

Simple Steps to fix Quicken Error 1304: While Installing Quicken for Windows

In order to install Quicken, you need to transfer Quicken installation file from CD to Hard drive.

A. Extract file from CD to Hard Drive

1. Embed Quicken CD into your computer CD-ROM and if installation process begins automatically click Exit.
2. Now open File Explorer by clicking on CTRL+E together or right click on windows start icon and select File Explorer
3. We need to create a new folder in order to copy the installation files from CD to Hard drive
4. Once you’re into your file explorer, on the left pane you need to make a right click on Desktop and choose New (See an image below)

Quicken Error 1304

5. Now give a name to your new folder such as “Quicken Installation File”
6. Now browse to your Quicken CD and make a right click on it. Then select Explore
7. Now look for Custom and Disk 1 folders in the right pane
8. Now press CTRL+A or while pressing CTRL key click on each folder to select
9. Then press CTRL+C or make a right click and choose Copy to copy them
10. Now come back to the new folder that you created in Step 4
11. Then press CTRL+V or make a right click, then choose Paste in order to paste those copied folders. It may take some time to copy folders from CD to Hard drive

B. Install Quicken

Now as you extracted the files from CD to your hard drive(new folder) its time to install Quicken.

1. Browse to the new folder that you created in the above steps
2. Make a double click on Disk 1 folder
3. Now click on Setup.exe or Setup to begin the Quicken installation process
4. Now follow on-screen instructions to install Quicken

After following all the above steps you’ll longer face Quicken Error 1304 but in case you may have some trouble with it. Please contact Quicken Support anytime. TollFree 1-877-353-8076

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