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Quicken Duplicate Transactions (Windows/Mac)

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Quicken duplicate transactions issue interface by several users. There are many possible ways for its occurrence.

Reasons for duplicate transactions in Quicken are: Quicken Duplicate Transactions

  • You have deactivated and reactivated Quicken accounts
  • Your bank changed the format of FITID in a direct connect account

How to fix Quicken duplicate transactions issue?

Quicken for Windows

STEP ONE: Add downloaded ID column

  • Open Quicken
  • Go the register that has this problem
  • Click on the upper right gear icon
  • Click Downloaded ID
  • With the help of Downloaded ID, you can differentiate between the downloaded transactions and transactions needs to be downloaded.

STEP TWO: Identify the cause for duplicate transactions in Quicken

  •  Deactivate and reactivate account in Quicken
  1. Go to Tools > Account List (Ctrl+A)
  2. Click on Edit for the account that you want to deactivate again
  3. Now go to Online Services
  4. Click on Deactivate and Yes to confirm
  5. Press Done
  6. Now reactivate the account
  7. Click on Tools > Account List and click Edit for the same account
  8. Choose Online Services
  9. Click on Set Up Now…
  10. In the process to reactivate the account Quicken will pull up your bank account information make sure to LINK your account instead of adding it (See an image below)

Quicken Duplicate Transactions

If you see duplicate transactions into your register delete them manually

  • Downloaded transactions appear twice in the register
  1. Go the account register
  2. Look for duplicate transactions and delete them
  3. You can delete them all at once as well.
  4. Press the Ctrl key and choose the duplicate transactions that you want to delete once you’re done. 
  5. Click on Delete

If you’re not sure about how to delete duplicate transactions, please contact Quicken Support for assistance.

Quicken For Mac

STEP ONE: Deactivate and Reactivate Quicken account

  • Once you have Deactivated Quicken account reactivate it again
  • In the process to reactivate Quicken may ask for to link, add or ignore the account
  • Click on Link and click Next
  • Then go back to your account register and see if there any duplicate transactions. If so delete them manually

STEP TWO: Check with the bank if they changed Financial Institution Transaction ID (FITID)

  • If bank changed the FITID you may probably face duplicate transactions in Quicken.
  • You need to update the FITID to prevent Quicken duplicate transactions.
  • Once FITID updated check in your register if any duplicate transactions are available or not. If so delete them manually

After following all the above steps you probably not face Quicken duplicate transactions issue, but in case if it still exists contact Quicken Help Desk.

TOLL-FREE – 1-877-353-8076


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