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Quicken Script Error

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Quicken script error may occur when running or opening Quicken software. With the existence of this error code, your Quicken performance may get slow down.

Today we’re going to discuss how to fix this error code without downloading any third party software. Let’s begin

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3 simple steps to fix Quicken script error

STEP ONE: Error occurs when opening Quicken

  • Open Quicken
  • Error occurs on the Quicken upgrade advertisement window
  • Close the script error or click on Yes or No
  • Uncheck the Remind me later notification [See the picture below]
  • Close the Quicken

Quicken Script Error

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STEP TWO: Error occurs when running Quicken

  • After following the STEP ONE you may get Quicken Tips and Tutorial screen, this may cause a problem as well
  • Go to Edit >Preferences
  • On the Startup under Startup Location
  • Tips and Tutorial may set up as On startup open to (see the picture below)

Quicken Script Error

  • Change it to any another option for eg: Home (see in the picture below)

Quicken Script Error

  • Click OK
  • Close Quicken and reopen it
  • You’ll see Quicken script error is no more available

STEP THREE: Install the latest Patch in Quicken

  • Visit here
  • Install the patch according to your Quicken version like 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • Once you click on the patch, downloading starts automatically
  • Once .exe file downloaded, click on it
  • Click Run to launch it
  • Click Yes to allow user account control
  • Then click Update (Quicken will install all the necessary update)
  • Click Start Quicken

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List of Quicken Script Error Codes

  1. Line: 239
    Char: 5
    Error: Expected identifier, string or number
    Code: 0
  2. Line: 1307
    Char: 11
    Same Error and Code
  3. Line: 95
    Same Error and Code
  4. Line: 0
    Char: 0
    Error: Script error
    Code: 0 etc…

You may receive the above error code while opening or working Quicken. Use the above simple steps to fix it.

After following all the above steps Quicken script error will not exist anymore in the software. In case the problem still exists into a software contact Quicken Support or leave your queries below in the comment section.

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