Decrease the Quicken Data File Size (Windows)

In this post, we’ll discuss how to decrease the Quicken data file size. Tracking years of information can make your file size large which may impact the performance on Quicken.

You can track the following in Quicken.

1.You can add 500+ accounts with each type (Checking, Savings, Credit Card, etc.)
2. Unlimited reports and transactions depending on your computer hard drive.
3. Quicken can’t accept the entry which is more than 99,999,999.99

Important: Once you reached the maximum limit of the Quicken file you can’t decrease it back by deleting some of the items like accounts, transaction, etc. You need to start with a new Quicken file.

Things to remember before decreasing the size of a Quicken data file

A. Ensure that Quicken is running with the latest release

1.Open Quicken
2. Go to Help > Check for Updates
3. If Quicken is up to date that’s great or if not you’ll get a notification to install the latest release on the next screen
4. Click Yes to install it
It may take some time or move out for installing the latest update, but you don’t need to worry about your work it will be saved.

See the below image to install Quicken latest update.

Decrease the Quicken Data File Size

Note: You can download Quicken updates and release manually from here.

B. Create a data file backup

Create a backup before reducing the size of the Quicken data because if there would be any fall back in between the process so you can restore it back.

1. Open Quicken
2. Go to Files > Backup and Restore > Back up Quicken File… (Ctrl+B)
3. Browse a location to make a backup in a secure place and then click on Back up Now

Notice: If you want us to Decrease the Quicken Data File Size remotely, contact our Quicken Support by dialing 1-877-353-8076

Simple Steps to decrease the Quicken data file size

1.Open Quicken
2. Go to File > File Operations > Year-End Copy…
3. Next screen prompts you to choose the starting data file date (see an image below)

Decrease the Quicken Data File Size

Quicken will keep a second copy for your archive records. You can click on Browse to keep an archive data file to your suitable location

4. Click on OK
5. Now Quicken starts to copy your file
6. Once the file is copied, it’ll ask you to open a current file or archive file
7. Choose Current File and click on OK

Now your Quicken file has all the information after the date that you chose. If you want to get back to your previous information.

1.Go to File > Open File (CTRL+O)
2. Follow on-screen instructions to get archive file with previous information.

After following all the above steps you’ll able to decrease your Quicken file size but in case if you need any assistance you can reach Quicken Support 1-877-353-8076

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