How to Create Bill Reminder and Scheduled Transactions in Quicken

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Whenever we talk about personal finance software Quicken is one of the first priority. With the great variety of services, you can set up a bill reminder and scheduled transactions in Quicken as well.

You can set bill reminder and schedule transactions to save your time. Quicken can alert you with the due transactions and even automatically enter the transaction into the register. 

Benefits of Bill reminder and scheduled transactions in Quicken

  • It’s a time-consuming method in your financial life
  • Simply the transactions
  • You can monitor the future income/bills etc. Bill Reminder and Scheduled Transactions in Quicken

How to create bill reminder in Quicken?

  • Open Quicken
  • Click on bill tab and select Bill Reminders
  • Click on Get Started
  • Now click on  Set up a scheduled bill or deposit
  • Now choose the type of reminder
    Bill Reminder
    Income Reminder
    Transfer Reminder
  • Type the name of the payee in Pay to field
  • Choose the appropriate reminder and click Next
  • Add Due next on
    Start Date
    – The date of the next bill

    How often – It means the transaction repeats Monthly, Weekly, Quartley etc.
    End Date – It means the last date of your bill
  • Once done click OK
  • Add the specific amount for the bill reminder in Amount due field
  • Add the account from which you pay the bills in From account field
  • Now Add the details for the transactions like add Category, tag or memo
  • Under the Optional Settings, you can set
    1. Remind me (days) in advance – You can set the reminder to remind you (days) in advance.
    2. Automatically enter the transaction in the register – Quicken can enter the transaction into your register automatically after the (days) the due date.
    3. Use only business days for a reminder days – After choosing one option from the above two methods (1) and (2) you can make a check if you would like to get a reminder only on business days. So Quicken will neglect weekends or major holidays.
  • You can add a Related Website of your financial institution
  • Estimate amount for me means Quicken can estimate an amount once the bill is overdue
    Fixed Amount – Turn OFF this feature to use the same amount for the reminder
    Previous payments – Quicken will calculate the average amount from last three transactions
    Time of year – This feature can help you for those recurring seasonal bills.
  • Sync to Outlook option will help you to set the reminder on your outlook calendar
  • Print check with Quicken option will help you to print the transaction on paper check

Quick Note: You may Unable to print in Quicken For Windows and Mac Bill Reminder and Scheduled Transactions in Quicken

How to Create new Scheduled Transactions in Quicken?

  • Go to the account from the account bar for which you want to set a schedule transaction
  • Go to the transactions
  • Click New at the bottom of the screen
  • Specify the Date for the transaction into the Date Field
  • Check Schedule to make it recurring
  • On the next screen set all the necessary details
  • Designate the other field like Payee, Memo, Category etc
  • You can also add another detail by clicking on Edit Details
  • Click Save
  • Now you’re able to see the scheduled transaction in the account register

After following the above steps you’ll able to create bill reminder and scheduled transactions in Quicken easily. If you face any problem while implementing you can contact Quicken Support or visit Official Website

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